Society_Of_NLP_Training_Chennai is the Specialized NLP Coach exclusively in providing Life Coaching,Executive Coaching and Peak Performance to coaching.

We provide special type of coaching to change any type of behavior using the State of Art Mental Technology called Nuero Linguistic Programming.  We provide 2 days workshop on NLP.

We provide two types of coaching for two different types of people.

1.  Therapy – NLP Chennai

  • Therapy for Schizophrenia using NLP in Chennai
  • De-addiction using NLP in Chennai
  • Fast Phobia Cure using NLP in Chennai
  • Mood Disorder using NLP in Chennai
  • Depression Coaching using NLP in Chennai
  • Anxiety coaching using NLP in Chennai

2.  Specialized coaching aimed at upgrading the life

  • Executive coaching using NLP in Chennai
  • success coaching using NLP in Chennai
  • Peak performance Coaching using NLP in Chennai
  • Goal Achievement using NLP in Chennai
  • Achieving Inner peace using NLP in Chennai

We are available to coach any where in India.  We also conduct workshops based on NLP