Personality Development

Consciousness Is a Narrative Created by Your Unconscious Mind

How Your Minds Edits Consciousness DEAN BUONOMANO: So consciousness is one of the deepest mysteries that we have ever attempted to resolve. And part of the problem with studying consciousness is that it’s very difficult to measure. But we do have some insights, and for one in the context of how the brain tells time, […]

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22 Signs of an Exceptional Employee

22 Signs of Exceptional Employee (Which Never Appear on Performance Evaluations) – Leadership Blog & Coaching Spread the love22 Signs of Exceptional Employee Many are good. Some are best. Only few are exceptional. Here’s how we can tell the difference. We can all spot a best employee: he or she will be dependable, proactive, hardworking, […]

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24 Elements of Strong Leadership Pipeline

The 24 Elements of a Strong Leadership Pipeline – Leadership Blog & Coaching Spread the loveThe 24 Elements of a Strong Leadership Pipeline Below is the compilation of 24 elements required for a strong leadership: Caring about people: By this I mean that they care about people more than other things and are willing to […]

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