The best Mindfulness Exercise

The Best Mindfulness Exercise Most People Don’t Know “Live in the moment,” “one moment at a time,” “just breathe,” “look within,” “be in the here-and-now,” “face your problems head-on.” Who’s not attracted to these mindfulness-related, self-help concepts? In reality, mindfulness is hard work but there is an easy way to access these adages quickly….to begin […]

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5 Ways to Quit Replaying Painful Memories

5 Ways to Quit Replaying Painful Memories While self-reflection is helpful, rumination is harmful. Dwelling on your problems, magnifying your misfortune, and hosting your own pity party only increases your distress. Perhaps you re-play a conversation you had with your boss over and over in your head. Each time you envision your discussion, you beat […]

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The Symptoms of Male Depression

The Symptoms of Male Depression | The Art of Manliness So far we’ve discussed the history of depression, and explored its possible causes. Before we conclude this series next week with a guidebook on managing your melancholy, we of course need to stop to examine what depression actually looks like. How is it different from […]

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