How to Think Big?

How To Think Big, In Work And Life How can we break through the limitations we’ve set for ourselves? That’s what Michael Port, author of The Think Big Manifesto, wants to know. “Sometimes we assign the role of ‘Big Thinker’ to some people, but we don’t necessarily see ourselves in that role,” he says. Often, […]

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The best Mindfulness Exercise

The Best Mindfulness Exercise Most People Don’t Know “Live in the moment,” “one moment at a time,” “just breathe,” “look within,” “be in the here-and-now,” “face your problems head-on.” Who’s not attracted to these mindfulness-related, self-help concepts? In reality, mindfulness is hard work but there is an easy way to access these adages quickly….to begin […]

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5 Ways to Quit Replaying Painful Memories

5 Ways to Quit Replaying Painful Memories While self-reflection is helpful, rumination is harmful. Dwelling on your problems, magnifying your misfortune, and hosting your own pity party only increases your distress. Perhaps you re-play a conversation you had with your boss over and over in your head. Each time you envision your discussion, you beat […]

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